Tips for Keeping Cool Through the Dog Days of Summer

Goldendoodle and Golden Retriever playing in the water

We're not out of the heat yet! You're keeping the sun off your face, but what about your pup? Here are some ideas to keep you canine cool:

  • Offer an ice pack or wet towel to lay on.

  • Add ice cubes to the water dish.

  • Offer access to a wading pool with shallow, cool water.

  • Offer access to cool shade by stringing up a tarp, cloth, or use a shade screen.

  • Bring and offer water frequently on your walks.

  • Replace a portion of their regular diet with wet foods.

  • Avoid walking on hot pavement, and consider booties to insulate their toes.

  • Keep walks, playtimes, and exercise to early morning or evening.

  • Give your dog some homemade frozen treats.

We hope this helps you enjoy the rest of your summer safely!

(The information here represents the opinions of the author only, and is not intended to represent expert advice. The reader is advised to use their best judgement and research on the topic.)
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