Jasper's Rescue Story - Short Version

Schnauzer and dogmom looking at each otherHow did you choose your dog? ❤🐾 I've loved dogs my entire life and was always getting in trouble for bringing home all the strays. Our family has allergies. We had a maltipoo and a minischnauzer growing up. I had gone a long time as an adult waiting for the "time to be right". 😂 My husband had a minischnauzer growing up also. It was a sign. 🥰
After we were waiting 2 years to adopt our second child, I decided I really missed having a dog. It was just a week from my birthday. We went to petsmart for the dog adoption event "just to look for fun". They only had large and/or shedding breeds. After getting the 20 question treatment the shelter owner said she was hiding a minischnauzer in her car for the right family. We took Jasper home that day!
Two days later we got a call that our son was born. His biological mom only had two other "kids" - a minischnauzer and another dog (a breed I can't remember😬). She was so happy to find us because we had a dog and relieved her son would grow up with one! So I guess you could say in one way, our love of schnauzers brought together. It was divine intervention! 😍❤️🐾
We love rescue dogs and believe they hold a special place in their owner's hearts. Many times it feels as though our rescues have chosen us, not the other way around. That is why you will see many rescue items in our shop! 
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