Eye Infection or Allergies?

Jasper's eye looked like it was smeared with mud!

We took our kids on a surprise trip over Labor Day weekend. It wasn't one of those places Jasper could come with us, so we had to leave him home. This always makes me so nervous. Am I the only one?

We would leave him at a local dogsitter, but we still haven't found one that we love. Living in a small rural town has it's limitations. Unfortunately, there aren't any doggie spas here, lol.

Anyway, we usually hire a young neighborhood entrepreneur to come to our home, feed Jasper, give him walks, and play with him several times a day, etc.

Well, we walked in late on Monday to our excited wiggle bum boy and his eye looked like it was smeared with mud!

I rushed him to the bath and tried the best I could to clear away the gunk, but couldn't see anything wrong really. We took him to the vet the next day and the answer was, "not to worry. There doesn't seem to be any abrasion or cut, so it appears to be an infection". Can dogs get pink eye?

Anyway, after 7 days of eye drops, (what fun!) and a little doggie ibuprofen, he's as good as new. I just need to figure out how to get the rest of that eye gunk out of his eyebrows!

Have you had similar experiences to this? I was so worried about him. I found this article from rover.com about eye health and eye infections that was really helpful! Dog Eye Infections: What to Do, When to Worry, and Helpful Products

Vacations are always an adventure, right?!

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